Terms & Conditions

Places in classes

Term and holiday classes must be booked and paid for in advance.

Booking system

Places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are secured once payment has been received. Bookings can only be made on this website and you will have secure access to book and pay online.

Refunds policy for Holiday Workshops

We very sorry but we cannot refund the cost of the session. This includes if your child fails to attend due to illness or any other reason. We will endeavour to offer a suitable ‘make-up’ session. A small administration charge may be payable.

Refunds policy for Term Time Classes.

Term and holiday classes are not refunded unless we are unable to run the classes. If you withdraw from classes before the term has started, we will refund you the term fee less a small charge for administration. Holiday classes are not available as make-ups. We cannot guarantee, make-up classes, but we will endeavour to find a suitable class where possible. A small administration charge may be payable.


Unfortunately, due to banking costs we will now charge a £2.00 fee for all cheque payments. Please note electronic transfers are free.

Attending classes

If you are unable to attend your booked class on a regular basis, please talk to us about it. It may be possible for you to occasionally visit a different class, or to transfer to a different class. However, please consult us before doing so. We cannot guarantee to find you a suitable make-up class.

Can we carry over money from missed classes to the next term?

Sorry, this is not possible. We guarantee our classes will be delivered to you as scheduled.

Can I bring a friend or younger sibling to the class?

Please do not bring friends along unannounced. If we have spaces in the class, they are welcome to attend but they need to book directly on our website. Siblings and babies can accompany you if appropriate, but are not able to participate in the class. Please note that they remain your responsibility at all times.

Parents’ conduct

We find that the classes work best when your child has your support when needed in projects. If you join in your child is more likely to join in.
Please use mobile phones sparingly and please ensure that your social conversations do not intrude upon the class.
Please refrain from chatting during the class. Children can be easily distracted and they enjoy the class more if the room is quiet. We love you to join in with the art projects, story time, the songs and encourage your child.
Please refrain from feeding your child snacks in class unless absolutely necessary. If you need to give your child something to eat, please discuss this with the teachers when you arrive.
It is the parents responsibility to warrant that when attending an Art Barn class, neither the child or carer will be suffering from any illness or infectious disease.

Photos and videos

We will occasionally take photographs and video footage of you and your children. We sometimes use such images for the purpose of promoting Art Barn’s services. Please inform us immediately if you do not wish us to use such images and footage in this way. By signing the registration form without informing us that you do not wish your child to be photographed or filmed, you give us permission to use images and footage in our publicity materials.


Please be aware that we can get very messy so please dress you children appropriately! We do try as much as possible to use water based products. We do have smocks available but please bring your own if you wish. Art Barn takes no responsibility for damage to clothing.

Complaints procedure

We are committed to providing classes which meet or exceed your expectations enough to recommend Art Barn to all of your friends. If you are unhappy with anything about the classes, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We will always do our best to resolve any problems.

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