Summer Term 2020

Art Barn is all about providing a pressure free environment where your child can grow in confidence and independence while further developing their creative minds.

First Messy Art Class: An introduction to art through messy play. We will give the children an opportunity to use a wide range of materials. Every week is themed with a short art project and related rhymes, songs and stories.

Creative and Messy Class: A range of art and craft activities. Children are encouraged to follow some simple instructions when working on our weekly projects. Also, lots of opportunities to get messy if they want to.

Art and Craft Class: Activities such as drawing, painting and working with shapes and colours to further develop their art skills. We encourage the children to use their own ideas when working on their weekly project.

After-school Art and Craft Class: This class offers children the opportunity to try their hand at different art techniques and use a variety of mediums, while expanding on their own ideas. Each week has a theme and the children get involved in a planned project.

Creative and Messy Class with a packed lunch: The children have opportunity to use and play with a range of art materials throughout this session. Alongside the free play they also complete an art project and can join in with related rhymes, songs and stories. The session finishes off with an opportunity to sit down and eat a packed lunch with their friends. We introduce a new fruit or vegetable every week for the children to try if they would like.

Building Confidence, Imagination & Creativity


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